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Live Online Roulette Has Now Become A Mainstream Game At Global Live Casino!

Many believe roulette to be a game that is a combination of luck and skill, and a game that is a perfect epitome of the real casino game. The sounds at the roulette table are spine-tingling and there is tense anticipation, when the sounds of the spinning wheel and rolling ball emit into the air. This exhilarating experience of playing at a land-based casino can now be felt online. And if you are new to online roulette, don't worry. This amazing website has all the information you need to start enjoying this amazing game. From basic rules, advanced strategies and betting systems that will increase your chances of winning, to best online casino bonuses that will give you free money to bet on roulette.

Those who have been playing roulette online notice the tremendous difference that exists between the land-based game and the one played online, where there is a roulette table, a ball and the computer spins it while fake sounds are heard. But with the introduction of live roulette by Global Live Casino, the game feels totally real.

Global Live Casino offers the most popular version of roulette; European roulette with the single zero. Many players prefer this over the American version, because the single zero reduces the house advantage. Live roulette is great and is a wonderful way to make sure that the charm of the original roulette game is not lost and the maximum potential of the game is experienced online.

Live online roulette at Global Live Casino has gained popularity in the online gaming arena as the best innovation to be introduced to online gaming. The game at this casino is brought live from real casinos in Europe, and online players can interact with live dealers and see real players in action.

Most other live casinos you see online simulate this live effect through broadcasting video feed from studios designed specifically for this purpose. Whereas, at Global Live Casino, the high-resolution video feed comes from a real casino on land. This livens up roulette and gives the whole experience a real feel. The sounds of the spinning wheel and rolling ball are also those from the casino.